About Me

What is this blog about?

This is an era of extreme alienation among people who may never meet in person, extraordinary availability of purported information on-line, distrust of institutions and cultural traditions, little discrimination about which information sources to trust, increasing effects of algorithms and artificial intelligence, the speed of information-gathering and decision making dominate peoples’ lives, either in what they do or what is done to them.

I believe strongly in the need for informed consent as much as possible; taking time away from immediacy to let the emotional impact of things take their toll and, that done, to reconsider matters large and small.

From time to time, I will offer you my reconsidered thoughts after much reading (which I will often identify, rather than merely cite – I encourage you to read the whole work I mention because it is very important to be aware of context), in the hope that my thinking will affect yours.


About Me

Helllo.  My name is Glenn Brown.

My background includes a Bachelor of Foreign Service, five years military intelligence service, a four-year master’s degree, specialized training and experience as a chaplain to the insane, hospital chaplaincy and parish ministry in two countries, much professional group facilitation work, volunteer work with people in the autism spectrum disorder, specialized counselling of abusing men and post-therapy couples counseling, work on race problems in several cities in two countries, ethics consultancy for a broad range of clients, and a good deal of volunteer participation in local and senior level politics in two countries.

In my professional roles I have found it necessary to read widely and deeply and conduct a good deal of research; to speak and write well; to listen carefully and carefully respect confidentiality whether expected explicitly or implied or inferred, to discuss matters with a wide variety of people and learn much from them, and to re-consider matters as often as possible.